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Imagine the thrill of cruising down a fast, Himalayan mountain river in a rubber raft as you ride the whitewater rapids heading down toward India. Or imagine being in a kayak as you master rapids and rapids of swirling white water, defying the swift current as you conquer the river. This is just part of the fun in rafting/kayaking in Nepal.

Nepal has some of the finest whitewater rivers in the world. These glacier fed waters come together to create some of the wildest experiences imaginable. The mountain streams join together to become mighty rivers that roar through the valleys on their way to the Ganges River in India.

But it's not all swift waters. Further south in the Terai, you can leisurely float along while watching for birds and animals that come to the water's edge to drink.
Trips can be as short as one day, or extend to several days, allowing you to camp along the river, going to sleep with the roar of the river in the background. Wake up to a fresh cup of hot coffee as you sit and contemplate the day's activities.

Each trip is accompanied by an experienced guide who will teach you the skills needed to shoot the rapids in your rubber raft. The rivers in the mountains move quite swiftly, propelling you forward in order to have the ultimate river experience.

Nepal's rivers are classified on a scale between one and six with a one rating being a calm, smooth ride like floating across a swimming pool. Novices can easily handle up to a four rating while five requires some experience.




Kayaking is a relatively new sport in Nepal. The Kayaks are made of a special type of plastic designed to withstand impacts on rocks. All are equipped with flotation devices to aid in the buoyancy of the craft. All come with double bladed paddles in order to allow the user to negotiate past rocks and over rapids.
If you are a novice to kayaking, don't worry. We have available kayaking schools that will teach you the basic in maneuvering a kayak for a successful journey.




Our rafts are large and will accommodate a number of people as your guide instructs you on how to maneuver through the various rapids. It's not all whitewater as there are times when you can get a breather and gently float between the various rapids.
The rafts are multi-chambered for the maximum of protection. They are made of a very tough material designed to withstand impacts. We believe in having a safe adventure. Everyone wears a helmet and a life jacket for full safety.
Camping trips feature opportunities to camp on sand beaches under the stars with a hot meal by candlelight in the evenings. Overhead, the night sky is a myriad of stars where you can sit and behold the Milky Way. The moon casts shadows over the land as it will never look as brilliant as it does in the Himalayan sky.
Share stories around a campfire, or when at rest during the day, swim or play volleyball. This is the ideal trip for all age groups from seven and up. A rafting trip is a fun adventure for all.






Short Rafting Trips:

These are short trips from one to three days and involve no trekking. Some of the rivers like the Seti and Trisuli are moderate and designed for first-timers and families. Those seeking a more challenging trip can tackle the Bhote River with its rapids that will delight and challenge any thrill seeker. If you choose the Bhote, be careful! This river likes to fight back.


Seti Khola:


A Picturesque Family Trip (2 days) – The Seti River near Pokhara is an ideal river for families and first time rafters. Rated at 2 – 3+, it offers some rapids while at other times opportunities to float on calm waters, watching for birds and animals. The Seti Khola is renown for its world-class scenery with the snowcapped peaks of the Annapurna Range in view.


Trisuli River:


The Classic Nepali River (1 – 3 days) – Raging out of the Langtang Mountains of the mighty Himalayas, this river will provide challenges, great scenery and plenty of fun even though it is classified as a more challenging river for rafting novices (rating 3 – 4+ in high water). There is great camping along the river as you pass through deep gorges. The trip can be combined with a trip to Chitwan National Park in the jungles of Nepal, where the Trisuli goes from a raging river to a more serene attitude as it makes its way southward to India.


Bhote Koshi:


The Harmony of Tibet (2 days) – So you think you're up to this? This river is rated a 4 – 5, with plenty of white water action. Don't plan to sleep while floating down this river, because this is a river with an attitude! For those who are willing to take the challenge, the Bhote Koshi will give you outstanding views of the mountains as its Tibetan-fed waters race down into Nepal. Be warned, you may only get sneak peeks at the scenery as it is non-stop white water adventure. And if you fall overboard, be prepared to listen to the river laugh at you. Like we said, it has an attitude that dares you to accept its challenge. Are you up to it?


Kali Gandaki:


The River of the Gods (3 days) – The Kali Gandaki is named for the Hindu goddess Kali, who is best known for riding a tiger while waving various weapons in her eight hands. The river is well named as it is rated 3 – 4+ as you descend through the deepest gorge in Asia. This river offers a mixture of incredible mountain views as well as an opportunity for a real challenge. Be prepared for an adrenaline rush! LONG RAFTING TRIPS – These trips offer all of fun and experiences that Nepal can give, but are situated in more remote places. These trips will take anywhere from 3 – 11 days. These trips will take you deep into the heart of Nepal where you will experience a thrill of a lifetime. Enjoy camping along a mountain river, maybe even get a chance to do some fishing. Shoot the rapids, float by deer and maybe even see a tiger coming down to the water's edge to drink. The remote trips will take you farther from civilization and into some of the finest scenery in the world. These trips often begin with short treks to the starting point before entering the whitewater rapids that ignite your adrenalin.


Marshyangdi River:


The Raging River (3 -4 days) – So what makes you think you're ready for the Marshyangdi River? Born in the high Annapurna Mountains near Pokhara, it leaves its place of birth in a foamy rage that rushes through canyons and past the mountains. The trip begins with an easy one day trek. Don't get soft on the trek, because once you enter the water, grab your paddle and match wits with the river. You will pass beautiful mountain villages and ancient temples. This is the type of river that looks at you and says, "you don't have the guts to try it?" Well, do you? Why not take the challenge?


Karnali River:


Nepal's Wild West! (10 days) – Nepal's largest and longest river is situated in the far west of Nepal. Born in the mountains, it starts its life as a wild mountain sriver. It passes through narrow canyons, shooting over rapids as well as passing through dense jungle. The trip begins with a short trek before entering the river with its category 4 – 5 rapids. Then, the river suddenly slows down to a crawl as you leave the mountains and pass under the suspension bridge at Chisapani. Suddenly, the mountains are gone and now you are floating in the Terai near Bardia National Park. One option is to end your trip with a wildlife safari in Bardia National Park where you can look for tigers, rhinoceros and see herds of wild elephants. Watch out for the crocodiles as you enter the Terai. They don't like rapids, but prefer slower waters. The rapids only makes for "fast food" for crocodiles. Beautiful scenery, incredible adventure awaits anyone who tackles the Karnali River!


Tamur River:


The Best of the East (11 days) – Deep in the eastern part of Nepal is a land few people get to see. Tall mountains rise to over 8,000 meters. Here, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchanjanga rise to lofty heights, ruling over the other mountains in full majesty of the region. The trek will take you through rhododendron forests. This trip starts with a four day trek, and then moves its way across 120 km of category 4 – 5 exciting rapids. You won't see a lot of tourists on this trip – this is off the beaten path. The Tamur River lends itself to excitement as you tame this river in Eastern Nepal.


Sun Khosi/Tamur:


Adventure Lovers Only (11 days) – It's 30 category 4+ rapids in a row on the Tamur river. We drive a short distance where we will camp along the Tamur River. This first night gives you a chance to size up the river (and for the river to size up you!). This is the most dynamic experience you can have as you take on the mighty Tamur River.