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Other Activities


While Nepal is known for spectacular mountains, mystical temples and incredible culture, there are many other activities that one can do while in this great country. While PANDA TREKS & EXPEDITIONS specializes in trekking, peak (mountain) climbing and tours of our neighboring countries, we are proud to be able to promote a number of other fun activities designed to make your stay in Nepal much more memorable. Some of those activities include:

River Rafting – Nepal ranks number 2 in the world for hydro power, and our many rivers make for ideal rivers to raft upon. Some are quite leisurely; others are impressive as well as challenging whitewater adventures. Through our sister company WHITEWATER NEPAL we can organize rafting trips on many of the beautiful mountain rivers in Nepal. Trips can be as short as one day, or choose one of several camping trips where you raft during the day, and then camp alongside the river under the stars.

Cycling Tours – Mountain biking has become popular in Nepal, and we can arrange for mountain bike tours. We have available to us rentals of cycles. From cycling to mountain biking, we can put together some great opportunities to see our country.

Sightseeing Tours – There are so many opportunities to see and experience the culture of Nepal right here in the Kathmandu Valley. Tours can be as short as half a day to several days. Ask us about possibilities. We can recommend and plan exciting cultural experiences in the Kathmandu valley and beyond. All of our tours are conducted by professional guides who speak English. We can also arrange for guides who speak languages other than English.

We can provide single activity or a variety of combined activities, which include different combinations of the following:

Our education policy
We believe in providing educational experiences in which students develop their own personal and intrapersonal skills, in a safe and secure environment.
A selection of challenging and exciting activities can be especially adapted to meet the needs of your students.
All our guides speak English and have experience working with students in outdoor activities. They are also trained in CPR, first aid and advanced river rescue techniques. Our activities are open to students aged 10 and over.

Rafting for students
We offer rafting trips specifically designed for student groups on three of Nepal's rivers: the Seti, Trisuli and Kali Gandaki. (Rafting on the Kali Gandaki is dependent on the time of the year, river conditions and the age and size of the students.) We provide staff on a 1:4 ratio helping to ensure the safety of all participants, at all times.

Kayaking for students
Through our kayak school, we can teach students to learn to kayak, or to improve established skills. The kayak school starts with basic skills, building up to rolling in white water and navigating small rapids.

Nepal is famous for its wonderful mountain scenery, and the best way to see it, is to trek it! It is a common misconception that the most rewarding treks are the longer ones. In fact, stunning views, excellent trekking routes and diverse cultures can all be found on short treks not far from the Kathmandu Valley. If you are limited by time or budget, these treks are excellent opportunities to see more of Nepal.
We offer a variety of short treks, many of which can be completed in just one or two days. Our trekking guides provide informative coverage of all treks, routes, peoples encountered and local festivals and customs. We can also arrange porters if required.
However, you don't need to embark on a trek in order to see Nepal's stunning scenery; fine views can usually be found wherever you are, on the river, inside the National Parks or even on the road en-route from one place to another.