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Doti Khaptad Trek

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Becoming one with nature in Western Nepal

Western Nepal is often overlooked by the traveler to this great country. The attractions in the west are often not well known, even to Nepalis. Yet, this area offers some incredible opportunities to explore the unique flora and fauna of western Nepal.

Khaptad National Park was established in 1984 at the advice of holy man Khaptad Baba. He came here in the 1940s to meditate and worship, living as a hermit. He spent 50 years in this place, and his reputation drew many people to him. Each year on the full moon in late July or early August, Hindu pilgrims come to worship the god Shiva.

The park features steep slopes, mountain streams and 567 species of flora. Rhododendron and oak forests cover much of the land.

The trek can include two different nine day experiences. The basic area can be reached either by bus or air before trekking into the national park.

This is a remote place that will touch you spiritually as you walk in the wild remoteness that is Khaptad National Park.

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Doti Khaptad Trek : Itinerary

Day 01 : Drive or fly to Nepalgunj/Dhangadi

Day 02 : Rest at Nepalgunj/Dhangadi

Day 03 : Drive to Doti (from Nepalgunj or Dhangadi)

Day 04 : Rest (Can go for sightseeing)
Doti is famous for rhododendron wine, antiques items and "Sailayswori Temple" known by Shiva and kali temple. People are very friendly, kindly and hard working.

Day 05 : Trek to Jhigrana/ Buglekh
Good place for camping. One can have good mountain view, range of Api, Saipal and other mountains.

Day 06 : Trek to Khaptad.
One of the famous place for camping. In may 13th they have "Dasara Festival" where more than 20,000 people gather to celebrate.

Day 07 : Rest at Khaptad.
Can visit Khaptad Baba Ashram. Khaptad Baba is famous for homeopathic doctor (Ayurvedic Medicine). He wrote many books, like "I AND MY DUTY", "THOUGHT BEGAN FROM MOON", "RELIGION AND CONSCIENCE", "SCIENCE OF HEALTH", "NON-VIOLENCE OF LIFE". All books are written in English, Hindi and other language.

Day 08 : Trek to Sastralinga
Can see four district - Doti, Bajura, Accham and Bhajang from top of hill

Day 09 : Trek to Channa

Day 10 : Trek to Bhajang
Bhajang is famous for old palaces. Few years back it was still a kingdom. This place was known by small states kingdom like 22 and 24 states in Nepal.

Day 11 : Rest at Bhajang

Day 12 : Fly back to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu

Khaptad Trek : Itinerary

Day 01 : By bus from Thakurdware to Ambasa, Ambasa to Silgudi. (Approx. 12 hours) then continuing by foot to Jhingrana.

Day 02 : Silgudi to Jhingrana (Approx 7 hours)

Day 03 : Jhingrana Bichapani (Approx 5 hours)

Day 04 : Bichpani to Prak headquarter (Approx 7 hours)

Day 05/06 : Spend Surroundings Park

Day 07/08 : Heading back all the way to Silgudi

Day 09 : By bus from Silgudi to Thakurdwara

  • If extension trek to Bajura add 5-6 days more, fly back to Nepalgunj or Kathmandu
  • If extension trek to Accham add 6-7 days more, fly back to Nepalgunj or Kathmandu
  • If extension trek to Jumla add 9-10 days more.
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